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Cire roll-on pour le corps BY U, 100ml


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  • Cire dépilatoire corps BY U roll-on 100ml
    GLUCOSE, GLYCERIN, CITRIC ACID, ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE, PARFUM, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, AQUA, CI 14720, CHAMOMILLA RECUTITA FLOWER EXTRACT, POTASSIUM SORBATE, SODIUM BENZOATE - Always unscrew the roll-on head to remove the thermoseal film, and screw it again before heating. HEATING THE WAX IN A MICROWAVE: - Always place the roll-on in the extreme of the microwave plate, not in the centre. A picture indicating the right and wrong position is recommended. - Always observe the wax while heating. The remaining amount of wax after each use decreases. Heating times also must be shortened. - Never overheat the wax in order to avoid any risk of burning. - If any abnormal behaviour is observed while heating, like roll-on deformation, switch off the microwave immediately and do not touch the product till it has been cooled down. - Heat the wax according to the recommended heating times below: HEATING TIMES ACCORDING TO POWER WATTAGE 650W 850W 1000W STEP 1 Full roll-on 650W - 25 s 850W - 20 s 1000W - 15 s Half-full roll-on 650W -15 s 850W -10 s 1000W - 5 s STEP 2 Mixing time - Shake the roll-on until the wax is thoroughly blended STEP 3 Reheating time intervals (if necessary) - 5s heating - The heating times given in the above table are an indication only. Times must be reduced if the microwave has a higher power. HEATING THE WAX IN A BAIN MARIE: - Place the roll-on of wax in a saucepan. - Fill with water up to the level of the wax in the roll-on. - Remove the roll-on. - Heat water to boiling, and then reduce the heat. - Place the roll-on back in the saucepan and allow to heat for the time indicated in the following table. - It is very important that no water enters the roll-on. Do not boil the wax, as this will make it unusable. Full roll-on - 7 min 1/2 roll-on - 3 mi MIX: - Shake the roll-on until the wax is thoroughly blended and the word NO has disappeared from the thermosensible label on the back. - If the wax is too hot, or has been overheated, the word NO will appear in the black band on the thermosensible label. If this occurs, allow the wax to cool down for a short while until the safety indicator reappears. (Check the document DIRECTIONS FOR USE for more directions)

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